UEFA recently launched a new report that forecasts substantial growth in women's club and national team football across Europe. A record-breaking UEFA Women's EURO 2022, which saw the record market value of the broadcast rights sold to over 180 countries, highlighted the popularity and potential of female football for growth and for investors.

The Business Case for Women's Football reveals a series of key findings, each of which demonstrates opportunities and returns that immediate investment can bring. As an example, the report identifies that women's football could see a six-fold increase in commercial value within the next decade, potentially reaching an annual value of €686 million by 2033, with club sponsorship set to increase to €295 million in that time.

Before now, data for stakeholders considering investment has been limited, inconsistent, and incomplete. This report aims to provide clarity both in understanding the game we'll share our fresh insights in understanding how this wonderful game could help business by covering changes that have taken place over recent years and projecting what the future could hold, but also in explaining all the great ways businesses could interact with it to make a difference.

The report raises awareness of 5 elements to keep Momentum going and steady growth:

  1. Develop strategies and business plans
  2. Raise standards and professionalism on and off the pitch
  3. Build a sustainable ecosystem
  4. Increase visibility and strengthen audience engagement
  5. Build on the unique strengths of the women’s game.

Some of the more relevant findings in the UEFA report include:

  • The fan base is unique The fanbase is diverse and largely young, and has strong progressive values
  • Success in women’s football matters for 84% of fans domestic success is important
  • Player standards are improving At least 50% of players on the most successful teams are now professional, but there is more work to be done in raising standards off the pitch
  • Women’s football has a positive image Women’s football is associated with inspiration, empowerment, and a family-friendly environment
  • Clubs have an opportunity to boost their brands 87% of integrated clubs said that involvement with women’s clubs has had a positive impact on their reputation
  • Expectations are growing across society and sports 63% of people under 35 believe all clubs should have a women’s team.

Nadine Kessler, UEFA Chief of Women's Football added: "Women’s football is on an incredibly exciting trajectory, with growth being seen across nearly every metric and across all of our stakeholders across Europe. The potential of the women’s game is limitless and we believe we are on course to take women’s football to heights that were unimaginable just a few years ago. As this report shows, now is the time to capitalize on the momentum we have created together, now is the time to get involved, now is the time to invest."

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