You are applying to be part of the Women Lead Sports Master Program™ in 2022. Please carefully read the following description and requirements before applying.

Sending your application does not mean you are accepted yet. We answer within working days after you apply. We are deploying some groups in 2022 and if accepted, we will receive more details.

Please read further below the requisites. At the bottom, we included a section about Who is this program right for or not. Once you are ready to submit your application fill in the form and send it.

The Women Lead Sports Master Program™ Program in a nutshell:

WLS has a proven record (over 16 years) upgraded every year to fit a new normality.
It is a combination of live virtual/real-time experience, web-based content (at your pace), and it is action/results-oriented.

Time investment
4 hours of live classes with your lead coach in a selected group of participants, and additionally at least 8-10 hours of additional self-learning time in the web-based dedicated platform. Important: Attending the live classes and learning the online content are both requisites to graduate from the Master program. 

Fee and Payment Method
Women Lead Sports Master Program™ is the equivalent of 1’650 Euros/person, and you’ll be able to pay using different methods when accepted (credit cards, PayPal, or bank transfer). If you want to book the WLS program for groups of 5 or more participants, please contact us at info@womenleadsports.com before applying here.

We recommend having a steady internet connection, webcam/computer, and a quiet place for the live sessions with your group.


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Who’s right for WLS Program?

Who’s not right for WLS Program?

WLS is for women and supportive men who wish to lead or get actively involved as executors and decision-makers in their sport or sports organization.

Leaders and decision-makers in the sport who wish to get either re-elected or continue going up the ladder of leadership and aspire to evolve.

Sportswomen who are active / or former athletes and now are ready to get involved and lead/decide/make change happen in their sports, sports policies, or sports organizations.

Sportswomen who wish to learn how to deal better with media and build a strong personal brand.

Our participants in similar past training solutions include Olympians, leaders, team leaders, entry-level professionals, countries and territories, heads of national, regional, and continental sports federations, associations, National Olympic Committees, International Sports Federation, head or members of commissions, and more.

About 85% of all women who are now leading sports organizations or decision-making positions in commissions, associations, federations, and national Olympic committees have gone through different versions of our programs in the past 12 years. This solution actually works.

Women Lead Sports is not right if you’re looking for traditional webinar solutions. Our program isn’t right if you’re looking to market to your fellow participants. WLS is a pitch-free environment, we do not allow commercial, political, or religious information to be distributed among members during the program or on common social media platforms/communities.

It’s also not right if you belong to the training and coaching industry (training provider). While you might get ideas on how to replicate online training programs, we highly recommend developing your concept and trust you got unique value to add.

This experience is not right for you if you hope to learn by osmosis. WLS is for action-takers who understand that real change happens with consistent, focused effort over time.

This is not a suitable program for someone looking for a cookie-cutter “plug and play” system to lead or a magic bullet to winning.