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It’s not enough to play the game.
We help women lead the sport.

Gender Diversity isn't yet a fair-game in sports’ leadership.

It’s true more women play the game now, than they ever did before. It’s a whole different story when it comes to leading it. Only 3% of leadership positions in Sport are occupied by women, when the Olympic Movement sets that goal at 30%. We are here to change that.

Women Lead Sports is the only digital and live program that works to make women like you lead and impact the sport you love.

The Program

Get the resources to navigate politics and see your candidacy through.

No one has given women the what or how of sports’ politics. Until now. You’ll know the dates, process, and Do’s and Don’ts of the Sport Electoral year. We’ll guide you through the steps that will increase your chances at winning the spot that calls the shots.

Master the skills that’ll get you elected, with confidence.

What you’ll learn is not taught in the traditional school system, but is what’s needed for you to win elections and nominations. From negotiation, persuasion, and communication tactics, to showing confidence and assertiveness — we’ve got your back.

Master the skills that’ll get you elected, with confidence.

What you’ll learn is not taught in the traditional school system, but is what’s needed for you to win elections and nominations. From negotiation, persuasion, and communication tactics, to showing confidence and assertiveness — we’ve got your back.

Learn how to make an impact, and get to where you deserve to be.

Become a change-agent in your organization, and use your voice to shape the sport you love. You’ll learn how to build your personal power and influence, and how to use them when persuading voters and key decision-makers.

Get the right people to support you.

You’ll learn networking and lobbying techniques, how to get sponsors, mentors, and influence others to support your campaign. You’ll work with proven tactics to increase your chance to have every gear working in your favor.

Get the right people to support you.

You’ll learn networking and lobbying techniques, how to get sponsors, mentors, and influence others to support your campaign. You’ll work with proven tactics to increase your chance to have every gear working in your favor.

Develop a winning personal brand

Discover your personal leadership style, and lead through a male-dominant arena with authenticity. Whether you aim at becoming a decision-maker, a speaker, expert, panelist, leader, or thought-leader, we’ll work with you to make it a solid and winner style.

It’s right there. Grab it.

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The Structure

Picture a TED Talk with the excitement of a live concert — all online!


4-week long course
4 live sessions

Breakout sessions

Interactive discussions

Personalized coaching

Online get-togethers with guest speakers

Videos and exercises for you to go through at your own pace.


Even if it’s digital, you’ll feel the closeness of in-person meetings, and nothing less. That was crucial to us. You’ll be in small groups to ensure maximum personalization, without missing the rapport that comes with building a supportive community of women leaders.

And because we’re able to work with flexible schedules that fit your timezone, you can participate in the sessions from the comfort of your home or office, wherever you are in the world.


Personal Power and Influence

Stakeholder management and use of skills navigating politics

Self-awareness of personal leadership style, areas of development and strengths

Communication and Persuasion skills

Negotiation skills

Networking, sponsoring, mentoring, and lobbying skills

Self-confidence, courage and assertiveness

Sport Electoral year and best practices

Leading in male-dominated environments with success and authenticity.

Become the change your sport needs.

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Meet the Experts

I’m Gabriela Mueller.
Award-winning Trainer and Coach.

I help sports professionals worldwide get more results, more often and with less hassle.

As an energetic and engaging executive communications coach, professional speaker, entrepreneur, and blogger for 18 years, I’ve been coaching sport leaders, elite athletes, Olympians, heads of international sport bodies, teams, coaches, and referees, go from grassroots to high decision makers in the sport industry.

My core areas are gender diversity, inclusion, public speaking, and electoral processes.

I’m Deqa Niamkey,
Equality & Sports Leadership Expert and Advisor

A passionate sports-woman myself, with 20+ years of proven record as leader in sports such as archery, boxing, and wrestling, advocating for diversity in the sports industry is a pursuit I take personally. My multi-cultural and multi-lingual background have given me grounds to genuinely connect with people at all levels, resulting in the experiences and stories I’m now sharing with future leaders like yourself.

I’m Thomas Gelmi,
Expert in Leadership and co-facilitator

I’m an experienced coach, speaker, online-trainer and facilitator, having worked all over Europe, North America, Middle East, Asia, Australia and Africa. Gabriela and I have worked tirelessly since 2017, empowering women in Sport, worldwide. I’ve been delivering effective learning solutions across cultures and industries with F 500 companies and sports’ bodies. I speak English, German, French and Italian.

Sabrina Ibáñez, Thought leader & Role Model for Equality & SG at an International Federation level and President of the Association of Paralympic Sports Organisations.

As the first woman to be Secretary General of the International Federation for Equestrian Sports, I’m an accredited and decision-maker within Sports. With inclusiveness as a goal, I want to help women see the big picture, and I hope to inspire the minds and hearts of all women (and girls) in sport. I’ll share my experiences in this industry and how being hands-on will help you get to where you want to be.

We're proud to have worked with

5 Continents. Over 80 Countries.
18 Years Helping Thousands of Women.

Testimonial Image

The Olympic movement will see more women take up leadership positions in the future because Gabriela Mueller’s work.

Nicole Hoevertsz, IOC Member and SG Aruban Olympic Committee

Testimonial Image

Great work, it sparks real change! We need big bold steps not incremental ones. This is the time for disrupters, young and old. Time for actions to change the course of history for women. Sports is an excellent way to do this.

Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, Executive Director of UN Women

Testimonial Image

Gabriela Mueller is doing excellent work. I’ve seen her perform, I’ve seen her deliver, she is making a positive difference in the lives of women and girls involved in sports, in terms of building their capacity and coaching, empowerment, motivating and inspiring them. Her work is not only making a positive difference in the lives of women and young women, but she is being transformative and a game-changer in the world of international sport.

Brian A. Lewis, President of the Trinidad and TobagoNational Olympic Committee

Testimonial Image

WOW! The energy you get out of experiences like this is incredible, even when you think you’ve seen it all and you discover even more. Renewed confidence and you get to hear and do the best practices around the world. I wish for more experiences like these, specially for women who want to make a difference.

Anna Mguni, Secretary General of Zimbawe's National Olympic Committee

Testimonial Image

I did enjoy these couple of days here in Lausanne — it has been really inspirational. Gabriela is an incredible woman, she is full of energy, she is full of good ideas, really full of incredible tips. I think we all benefit not only from her work and her experience… It’s just a great time to be here, all the networking we do here with everyone around, it’s a privilege to be part of this group.

Barbara Albisetti, National Sport Federationorganized by ASOIF

Testimonial Image

When I met her, I immediately noticed her coaching and skills as coach. She is prepared for this coaching  business, and it is very important — this gives you trust on her work and her impact.

Marisol Casado, President of the International Triathlon Union

Testimonial Image

This training helps women overcome obstacles and help each other . Many times women try to be competitive with each other. We should help support each other, rather than try to be better than each other.”

Katarina Witt, German Figure Skater, first woman to win consecutive Olympic gold medals in Singles Figure Skating

Testimonial Image

Gabriela’s work and her program was as revelation for me. She’s practical and it reveals our potential and allows us to unlock our impact and for us to go for our most ambitious goals.

Myriam Baverel, French taekwondo practitioner and Olympic medalist

You already got what it takes.

Stay tuned for our upcoming programs Fall/Winter 2021!




4 Live Virtual Classes (90 min)
Weekly individual work (30 min)
Written content and references
Access to the Facebook group and WLS Community



4 Live Virtual Classes (90 min)
Weekly individual work (30 min)
Exclusive access to weekly video content
Exclusive invitation to the Special Online Power Q&A
Access to the Facebook group and WLS Community



4 Live Virtual Classes (90 min)
Weekly individual work (30 min)
Exclusive access to weekly video content
Exclusive invitation to the Special Online Power Q&A
Leadership online assessment
Online Strategy Session with lead coach Gabriela Mueller after the 4-week course
Access to the Facebook group and WLS Community

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About Women Lead Sports

Women Leads Sport (WLS) is a 4-week live online, action-oriented, and intense learning program for women who want to lead or get actively involved in decision-making within their sports organizations worldwide. Built by the energising coach Gabriela Mueller, with the help of sport and leadership experts on her side, we hope to encourage women to leverage their strengths, and be game-changers for the sport they love — wherever they are, wherever they come from.

With over 18 years helping women to be the “go-getters” we always knew they were, we hope to change the scale of diversity, and have women not just play the game, but lead the sport.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I learn?

Clarify your goals, your leadership profile, and your vision

Leverage your unique strengths

Craft a unique brand as a leader

Build trust with your stakeholders

Identify and express your worth

Influence and persuade key stakeholders to drive change

Navigate the complex world politics in sport and win elections

Lead aligned to your values

Leading in sports requires boldness, a vision, and the ability to execute on the right strategies. You will learn how to accomplish this.

Take smart and consistent action

Where, when and how does the WLS program take place?

Future dates/groups will be posted on social media for enrolment, follow us @WomenLeadSports on Instagram to take advantage of early-birds offers and more!

The WLS team will schedule intense programs again from summer to winter in 2021.

Stay tuned and change the game!

What’s included in the memberships?

There are four core Modules in the WLS curriculum available for all plans, and we release one Module of topics/content per week, after the live virtual main class with your lead-Coach Gabriela Mueller, her experts, and guests. Depending on the membership you choose, each module will include some or all of the following elements: exercises/reference sheets to download, exercises to continue developing your leadership style, 1-3 exclusive videos weekly, and a  power Q&A session with your coach/or other experts. Those with the Platinum membership will have the chance to schedule their personal, one-on-one 30min strategy session with the lead-coach in a period no longer than 6 weeks after they finished their program.

What happens if I miss a live-virtual session?

In exceptional cases, and only if you notify the WLS team at least 7 days in advance , you will have the possibility to take that session in the upcoming program in the year 2021. This exception happens only once in the program.

How is WLS different than other online courses?

This program was created based on 18 years of proven successful coaching record, empowering thousands of women in sports worldwide since 2007, in all 5 continents. It is a real Online training. It is not a webinar, where most participants listen passively. It is not a PowerPoint presentation online; you can get that on YouTube. This is a real “Live Virtual Leadership Training Gym” where your coach will ask you to practice, to get involved, to reflect, to take action, to get feedback, to train live, and to continue working after the session.

WLS is action-oriented, purpose-driven, and transformative. We deeply care about you — our leaders and active participants. You will get support between sessions, via email, and the inspiration to keep up on social media.

We’re constantly updating and improving every aspect of the program, so the program you will take is adapted to this Pandemic and Electoral Year.

How much time do I need to commit?

Since we will go through the live program in real-time, we recommend between 2-3 hours per week to watch the training, complete your growth assignments, and — if you’d like — engage with us in the community/social media.

What’s not within the scope of the program?

In WLS we do not cover how to secure funding, loans, or investment capital. Getting elected or winning elections is not a four-week linear event. Having said that, this program will effectively empower you to face the reality of the low presence of women in leadership in sports and do everything you can to overcome it. If you have specific questions, write to

Who’s right for WLS Program?

WLS is for women and supportive men who wish to lead or get actively involved as executors and decision-makers in their sport or sport organization.

Leaders and decision-makers in the sport who wish to get either re-elected or continue going up the ladder of leadership and aspire to evolve.

Sportswomen who are active / or former athletes and now are ready to get involved and lead/decide/make change happen in their sports, sports policies, or sport organizations.

Sportswomen who wish to learn how to deal better with media and build a strong personal brand.

WLS is for committed beginners and also for evolving sports leaders who want direction, clarity, and skills.

Our participants in similar past training solutions include Olympians, leaders, team leaders, entry-level professionals, countries and territories, heads of national, regional, and continental sports federations, associations, National Olympic Committees, International Sports Federation, head or members of commissions, and more.

About 85% of all Women who are now leading sports organizations or decision-making positions in commissions, associations, federations, and national Olympic committees have gone through different versions of our programs in the past 12 years. This solution actually works.

Who’s not right for WLS Program?

Women Lead Sports is not right if you’re looking for traditional webinar solutions. Our program isn’t right if you’re looking to market to your fellow participants. WLS is a pitch-free environment, we do not allow commercial, political, or religious information to be distributed among members during the program or on common social media platforms/communities.

It’s also not right if you belong to the training and coaching industry (training provider). While you might get ideas on how to replicate online training programs, we highly recommend developing your concept and trust you got unique value to add.

This experience is not right for you if you hope to learn by osmosis. WLS is for action-takers who understand that real change happens with consistent, focused effort over time.

This is not a suitable program for someone looking for a cookie-cutter “plug and play” system to lead or a magic bullet to winning.

Is WLS just for women?

No. While most of our students are women, we have a powerful and growing audience of male leaders worldwide who are aware of the role they can play to support women on their journey as leaders. They are welcome too.

Will this work if I’m outside Europe?

Definitely. The program is built in such a way that includes and respects regional differences, Our teaching and coaching style respects and acknowledges cultural and regional differences and values the profile of each participant and their unique contribution. The tools and strategies are applicable and adaptable to each region. We trust participants to select the best course of action as they implement their action plans.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes. In 2021, we will offer a limited number of philanthropic scholarships in 2021. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to know more about the guidelines to apply and get an alert when it’s live.

What types of payment forms do you accept?

We accept common credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal.

For groups of five or more, we can also issue the possibility to pay via Bank transfer. Please email us at to get bank details and invoice.

What happens if technical issues arise during the training?

If the issues are caused by Zoom or the WLS Team’s connection, we will re-initiate the session. Should the problem persist, we will suggest an alternative date to reconnect and offer the session. In case a participant’s connection fails or lacks the quality to connect, or brings in noise or interference to the session, we will kindly ask them to reconnect, check their tech requirements, and re-join when the problem is solved. Please check system requirements for ZOOM here.

Will I get a certificate at the end?

After full completion of the entire program, you will get an electronic version of a Certificate of Completion, and a special mention on our social media platforms.

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