Volunteers are important for carrying out the Olympic Games for a number of reasons. One reason is that they help to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere for athletes, officials, media, and spectators. By providing assistance, and support, volunteers contribute to the smooth running of the Games and help to create a memorable experience for all involved.

Additionally, volunteers play a vital role in helping to organize and execute various aspects of the Games, such as transportation, accommodation, and event management. Without the dedicated efforts of volunteers, it would be much more difficult to coordinate and oversee the numerous events and activities that take place during the Olympics.

Without volunteer the Games would not be possible. Volunteers help to bring the local community together and promote a sense of unity and pride. The Olympic Games often provide an opportunity for volunteers to showcase their city or country to the world, and their efforts can help to create a positive and lasting legacy for the local area.

The Paris 2024 volunteers will create a fun and festive atmosphere that will excite the public and ensure they cheer on the athletes even more loudly.

Anyone who has ever attended the Olympic or Paralympic Games, whether as spectators, athletes, officials, or media, will agree that the character of the Games would be very different without the volunteers. For it is thanks to their commitment, enthusiasm and energy that the Games create unforgettable memories not only at a sporting level, but at a human level too.

#Paris2024 looks forward to welcoming 45,000 volunteers! Drawn from all age groups and backgrounds, they will each bring their own ideas, expertise, and individual approach to their role.

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