As Women Lead Sports, and in our two-decade trajectory as training leaders in the gender diversity space in sports, we have had the honour to help thousands of women leaders step up to reach their goals in the field. Sometimes this means running successful campaigns to get elected, sometimes it simply meant to launch a girls’ sports program in their community or a sports podcast. In different ways, our graduates are shakers and makers in the world of sports.

While the relentless efforts continue, the Pandemic proved to be challenging for the sports world too. We say a decrease of women in leadership even though women are proven to be great decision makers under pressure and in times of crisis. However, many hold different hats (bread winners, leaders, active athletes, mothers, etc), and COVID19 came as an additional challenge. 

The good news is the number starts picking up slowly and steadily. The number of women playing sports is on the rise, but it’s an entirely different story when it comes to leadership. Only single digits of leadership positions in Sports are occupied by women when the Olympic Movement sets that goal at 30%. We are here to change that.

We have empowered and helped graduate over 380 women and men since the Pandemic started and the online/hybrid program has successfully helped many women get elected or nominated to lead their sports federation, club, or association.

There are too many to name, though we can say that the groups who graduated are making an impact. We offer Boot Camps for women graduates who wish to continue the path of sharpening their skills and strengths as leaders. 

The topics we cover in those interactive Boot Camps are Influence, persuasion skills, self-confidence, upgraded communication skills, courage, and more.

Here are some of our amazing groups of graduates who continue making a positive impact as leaders in the world of sports for all. 

We are proud and grateful to be part of this powerful inspiring family. We continue adding value through the program and the ongoing boot camps and we foster a sense of belonging in our community. You can also check their sport/profile in our Graduates section.

We are here to serve. The gender equality agenda is a marathon and ongoing process, it’s not a 5K race. We are here for the long run. 

Founder of Women Lead Sports
Leadership Coach in Sports - Expert Diversity and Inclusion in Sports