Welcome to the exciting lead-up to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games! We’re getting ready for an event that's more than just sports; it's about a big change that’s been growing - women are stepping up in sports leadership and management like never before.

I've been working for twenty years to help more women get into these important roles in sports. It’s been quite a journey! From local sports clubs to the big stage of the Olympics, things are starting to look different. Women’s sports aren’t just about competitions anymore. They've become a strong force for making things better in society and for showing what women can do. Equality is still and will remain a topic for the Olympism, though we are doing the work and together with visionary leaders we continue working towards a more equal playing field in leadership for women in sports.

Think back to the last time you cheered for a women's match. Can you feel the difference in the air? The last five years have seen a seismic shift. The funds, the buzz, and the adoration from the younger crowd, especially the Gen Zers, have skyrocketed, making women's sports a phenomenon to behold.

At Women Lead Sports, we’re not just spectators; we’re game-changers. We empower women to take their rightful place at decision-making tables, influencing policies and sculpting the future of sports. This year is pivotal, as congresses and assemblies gather in each International Federation, and also National federations, and electoral processes are in full swing, leading up to the afterglow of the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Let's celebrate the standout moments from the past year and look ahead to the exciting prospects of 2024 in the women sports world:

🌟 The rising tide of women's sports is sweeping across nations, becoming a powerful catalyst for change and unity.

🌟 Participation and viewership in women's sports are soaring, creating ripples in community impact and commercial viability.

🌟 The year 2024 is set to be a game-changer with a surge in digital coverage, bringing women's sports into the limelight like never before.

🌟 Diverse audience demographics are finding a new love in women’s sports, expanding the horizons for everyone involved.

🌟 Forward-thinking companies are now the vanguard, recognizing the transformative power of sponsoring women’s sports.

🌟 Research from the Women’s Sport Trust is painting an inspiring picture of progress and endless possibilities.

🌟 Exclusive sponsorship deals for women’s sports are on the rise, proving lucrative for brands that dare to lead the change.

🌟 There’s a burgeoning trend of brands rallying behind women’s sports, a whopping 29 percent more than their male sports counterparts.

🌟 Case in point: a makeup brand that aligned with women’s sports and saw remarkable success, shattering traditional marketing molds.

🌟 Teams like Spain’s women’s football squad are not just scoring goals; they’re challenging and reshaping societal norms.

🌟 The conversation about gender disparity in sports is loud and clear, emphasizing the need for women’s visibility and influence.

🌟 Viewership for events like the FIFA Women’s World Cup is proof positive of the enthralling pull of women’s sports.

🌟 Women athletes are emerging as powerful role models, their stories and triumphs igniting dreams across generations.

🌟 The burgeoning interest in women's sports is not just a passing trend; it's a precursor to a revolution in viewership and participation.

🌟 As we reflect on these achievements, it’s evident that society’s perception of female athletes is experiencing a renaissance, marked by respect and admiration.

As we count down to #Paris2024, let’s lace up our shoes and join this exhilarating journey. The upcoming Olympic Games aren't just a celebration of athletic prowess; they are a testament to how far women have sprinted in the race for equality and recognition in sports.

We're not just watching a new chapter unfold; we're writing it. Together, let's cheer on the fearless, the determined, and the trailblazers. Because when women in sports thrive, the world stands to win. Here's to making every moment count, to shattering ceilings, and to a future where the playing field is truly level for all.

#Paris2024, here we come – ready to witness history in the making, with women leading the charge! 🏅🎉

"Join the Game-Changers in Paving the Way for Women's Leadership in Sports Management"
Founder of Women Lead Sports
Leadership Coach in Sports - Expert Diversity and Inclusion in Sports