Reflecting on my two decades of coaching and empowering women in sports, I feel an immense sense of pride and gratitude.

Back in 2007, early in my coaching career, a friend's withdrawal from a project for African women in sports opened my eyes to the broader challenges faced by women in this field.

This realization was a turning point, illuminating the gender disparities in sports leadership and the vital need for programs supporting women. Over the years, I've witnessed the struggles and triumphs of countless women athletes, from Olympic medallists to passionate grassroots participants.

Since beginning my journey in sports empowerment, I've worked with thousands of women and supportive men worldwide, including remote regions like Bhutan, Mongolia, Bolivia, and Guam, often visiting more than once. The continuous awe I experience from the possibilities that emerge when women support each other is profound. It's always a small, dedicated group making the impossible possible, regardless of resources. Their energy, relentless optimism, and kindness define my tribe. Women in sports are a unique community, combining the best of athletes, leaders, and human connection. I feel both lucky and blessed to support their change-making efforts.

As the Paris 2024 Games approach, promising gender balance among athletes, it's clear that we still have a long way to go in achieving equality in coaching, refereeing, and leadership roles. This International Women's Day, I dedicate my thoughts to the courageous women I've coached across continents and the supportive men who've been allies in this journey. As we continue with the Women Lead Sports Program in 2024, I'm reminded that our mission is far from complete, with crucial elections and congresses on the horizon. Here's to being the change we wish to see in sports leadership. Thank you, Gracias, Merci, danke, and to all who've walked this path with me.

Our journey continues towards a future where equal representation in sports, at all levels, sectors, and regions, becomes a reality. This mission, challenging yet profoundly rewarding, is worth our relentless effort and commitment.

Founder of Women Lead Sports
Leadership Coach in Sports - Expert Diversity and Inclusion in Sports